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The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be: The Age of Acceleration

Someone has been speeding up the treadmill, and we are having trouble keeping up. What is going on? How will the technological changes we are facing alter the future of work and how we adapt to these complexities? How will self-driving vehicles change our cities? How will 3-D printers change manufacturing? What will all this do to the job market?

Mike will talk about some models of understanding this wild and crazy future that confronts us, and some ideas for coping and even thriving amid the uncertainties and acceleration.

Mike Powers Bio

Mike has always been fascinated by the future. But the promises of the past always seemed to take too long to get here. Now it seems that things are rushing by, and Mike has gotten interested in what’s changed. So, he has been tracking the technological advances that are causing huge disruptions, and he would like to share some of those observations and discoveries with you, and to engage you in a discussion of these repercussions. In his career Mike has been a Psychotherapist, a Knowledge Engineer in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a Software Trainer, a Career Counselor, Manager of a Programming Center of Excellence,   Strategic Planner, Leadership

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